From Survive to Thrive

As well as the human toll from Covid-19, the organizational toll has been vast. Many organizations went from thriving (in capabilities and reputation, growth and financial health) to surviving. Now the challenge is not to find the road back; it is to find the road forward – without either exaggerating or underestimating changing needs, expectations and possibilities. We see this in terms of four stages. “From survive to thrive” is the intent. To achieve this intent demands clear focus on the here-and-now plus future-oriented capacity to plan, redesign, even to transform.





Technology provides a set of tools and is rightly a major resource. But the key means for navigating through these stages of change are your people – their ideas and insights; their engagement and capacity to change. The “people and culture” agenda involves hiring the best people, strengthening leadership, engaging all employees and nurturing the ability to pull together rather than fall apart. These are great challenges and a test of leadership. But going from thriving to surviving to thriving anew can be done and must be done.

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